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Annie Sloan Candles

Annie Sloan Candles


Annie Sloan Home candles smell deliciously inviting- from earthy scents to essences of lush greenery. Enjoy organically-crafted scents in a sophisticatedly simple glass votive.


All fragrances made in the UK from organically-sourced, fine ingredients. Each scent it extracted, hand-crafted, and blended from these organic materials.


Versailles - suggestive of sophistication, elegance and fresh floral scenes. Notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and gardens after rainfall -dusky and established.


Provence - stimulates tranquil scenes of lavender and geranium swaying in the breeze, with hints of ginger and amber undertones to create a refreshing and summery sensory journey.


Aubusson - evocative of dark and neutral blue Tuscany leather, 18th century rugs and Mediterranean musky labdanum, this scent transports the senses with hints of thyme, Iris Wood and cedar wood, with a faint vanilla note.


Paris - a gentle scent reminiscent of old metropolitan styles. A full floral bouquet with hints of iris, geranium and Damask rose.

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